Rich Renewal Crème - Passion 237ml
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Rich Renewal Crème - Passion 237ml
Price RM108.00 RM135.00
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Brand Orly
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ORLY Rich Renewal Passion is a skin care cream that nourishes the skin through a fat-free formula. Solving the persistent problem of dry skin is now no problem if you always have a moisturizer for hands, feet and body with neem and feijoa scent at hand. Its regular use guarantees excellent skin hydration, as well as its beautiful, healthy appearance, firmness and elasticity. The rich consistency of the product allows beneficial nourishing elements to penetrate deep into the layers of the epidermis, thereby restoring the skin's moisture balance. Shea butter, which is part of this cream, heals all small cracks and cuts, prolongs the youthfulness of your skin, and also gives its subtle, subtle nutty aroma. Aloe also contributes to your skin's health, hydration, and healing.